Fire Alarm Services

Here at Just Electricians, we provide a vast range of fire safety equipment, including the supply and installation of fire alarm systems.

In commercial buildings fire alarms are a legal requirement and you must ensure you have both an effective and good quality fire alarm system.

We provide a vast range of fire alarm installations that include:

Complete fire alarm systems
We can meet all of your needs for a full system and also determine the most suitable choice for your premises.

Our Fire alarm installations
We are highly trained and more than capable of a first class installation service, ensuring neat fitment and reliability.

Maintaining your systems
We can provide regular maintenance checks, making sure your systems are working without fault, and ensure any faults found will be promptly and successfully rectified.

Our expertise will guarantee we can meet every single requirement. We are extremely experienced and can always assist you every step of the way, we will always provide the most professional advice and deliver the full package. Simply contact us today at Just Electricians today for a detailed guided path on how we can help you.