PAT Testing

What’s a PAT test?

A PAT Test is:

  • Visually inspected
  • Earth & bond testing
  • Insulation resistance test
  • Flash testing
  • Load testing
  • Earth leak testing
  • Functional operation

Do I need a PAT Test?

It is not written in law that appliances need to be tested with regard to private homes but it is a legal requirement that companies/landlords keep them well maintained.

To make sure electrical appliances are safe they need to be PAT tested. Non-compliance can lead to fines or even imprisonment.

PAT testing explained

PAT [Portable Appliance Test], is a regular check of every electrical appliances in the home or place of work.

Health and safety regulations guidelines dictate when people are working with electrical appliances, the appliance should be deemed safe.

The majority of appliances should be tested regularly, how frequent would depend on appliance type and the environment it is operated in.

A PAT is done for:

  • Employees using certain appliances
  • Schools, colleges and hospitals for example
  • Equipment for hire
  • Repaired or serviced items

How we PAT test

Using the utmost superior testing equipment on the market enables us to quickly and efficiently test your equipment with minimal disruption. We will always work around your schedule, that way the testing is carried out with no disruption to either you or your company.